The Keeley and Frontier Mines

The Keeley Frontier property consists of 13 contiguous patented mining claims encompassing the past producing Keeley and Frontier silver-cobalt mines. The Keeley and the Frontier mines combined produced over 19 million ounces of silver and 3.3 million pounds of cobalt from high grade veins with an average grade of 58 ounces of silver per tonne, and 0.5% cobalt, from 332,000 tonnes of ore, representing over 80% of the silver produced from the South Lorrain area.

The historical mining site, part of the now dismantled town of Silver Centre, is located off of Hwy 567, 28 kms south of the town of Cobalt, Ontario in South Lorrain Township, Larder Lake Mining Division.

During 2012 CSH completed a six hole 2058 metre drill program on the Keeley-Frontier project (press release 03/04/2012 and press release 19/06/2012) and completed powerstripping and channel sampling of an old trenched area on a potentially new structure (press release 18/01/2013).

Compilation of historical and recent data by CSH indicate there is a significant potential remaining in the Keeley Frontier mine area to discover high-grade silver and cobalt mineralization. Initial field work by CSH also indicates that wider zones of lower grade silver/base metals are a viable exploration target.


The South Lorrain Project is situated in an intrusive basin and arch system that extends south from the main Cobalt silver camp.  Silver-cobalt deposits are fault hosted, associated with the intrusion of Nipissing diabase sills proximal to a major Archean/Proterozoic unconformity.

Silver-cobalt mineralization tends to occur in large Huronian aged sedimentary basins where Nipissing sills form domes or subbasins, possibly controlled by major fault zones.

The intrusions may have driven hydrothermal systems that mobilized silver, cobalt, nickel, bismuth, copper, lead and zinc from buried, older VMS and Cu-Ni deposits within the surrounding volcanic rocks.  The geological model of proximity to Nipissing diabase sills, reactivated fault systems and the Archean/Proterozoic unconformity is well known and robust in terms of exploring for more deposits.

The Keeley-Frontier is located on the northeast side of the interpreted Silver Centre Nipissing diabase basin. The basin consists of a 300 metre thick sill of Nipissing diabase overlain by older Archean volcanics, in turn overlain by Huronian sediments.  Bonanza style narrow vein type Ag-Co-Bi-Ni-Cu-Zn mineralization develops in structures cutting the basin.  High grade silver mineralization  (20 to 200 kg/tonne) mined at the Keeley and Frontier mines were located in structures within the Nipissing diabase or within 150 metres of the upper or lower diabase sill contact (productive silver zone).  Silver shoots are relatively small, but individual stopes could yield millions of ounces of silver (“N” or “Mud” Stope at the Keeley produced 6 million ounces of silver).