Veinlode Silver Mines

CSH recently purchased (please see press release 19/11/2012) a 33.3% interest in Veinlode Silver Mines Limited, which holds a land claim package consisting of a total of 26 patented leases covering approximately 444 ha.

The Veinlode Silver Mines claims are located directly to the west of and contiguous with the Keeley Frontier claims, connecting the Keeley Frontier with the Montreal River Extension claims further west along strike.

The Veinlode Silver Mine leases are the western extension of the South Lorrain Silver Camp that hosted four past producers including the Wettlaufer, Frontier, Keeley and Ramardo Mines.  Keevil Consulting (now “Teck”) optioned this property from W. Hammerstrom in an effort to test the producing zone extension below the mafic metavolcanics and determine the depth to the top of the diabase.  The diabase sill in this area is interpreted to form a domal structure and all productive veins occur on the northwest side of the dome.

Four significant east-west trending structures have already been identified on the property by surface mapping and limited diamond drilling.  Of these, two have been previously developed on the adjacent mine properties.  The Keeley #16 vein trends southwest across the Veinlode property and produced roughly 150,000 ounces Ag from stopes between the 8th and 12th levels in the Keeley-frontier Mine.

Two north-south structures have also been outlined on the Veinlode property.  These are the Keeley Extension Zone and the Hammerstrom Fault.  These structures are of particular interest as historically, the intersection of north-south trending veins, with east-west structures, have been the most significant silver-cobalt producers.  The Woods vein, which is similar to the two north-south trending structures that occur on the Veinlode property, produced roughly 13 million ounces of silver.


In 1959, 5 holes were drilled for 2,245metres with follow up down hole E.M. and resistivity conducted in order to detect near hole conductors.  Various fault zones were identified.  Keevil Consulting exercised their option in December 31, 1959 and formed a new company called Bi-Met Mines Ltd.  The property was later transferred to Veinlode Silver Mines limited.  In 1987 the property was optioned to Winteroad Resources Limited and Place Resources who conducted diamond drilling but failed to earn its interest.

In 1999 the property was optioned to Gilead Mineral Corporation who conducted diamond drilling and geophysics (Quantec) but failed to earn its interest.


CSH is in the process of interpreting the historical data for inclusion into the 3D model.  Drilling logs, geophysical results/reports and interpretation, exploration and engineering reports as well as various other mapping and historical data will be worked into the existing model.   Additional information on the Veinlode Silver Mines property will be available soon.